For a More Complete Phase 1 ESA or Other Land Use Research

When you’re performing a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, having information contained in local records can make all the difference in forming a complete picture of a property or business. Getting access to the local records may be the only way to discover possible issues that are not obvious during a site visit and not included in database reports.

This level of local file retrieval can be crucial in helping you identify:

  • Former wetlands
  • Wells
  • Septic systems
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Dump sites
  • Former chemical storage areas
  • Location of former structures
  • Building construction records
  • Utility line locations and installation dates
  • Spills, fires or other emergency responses

When HIG conducts a local file review, typical city and/or county records provided to our clients are:

  • Building department permit and inspection records for structures, wells, storage tanks, boilers and other equipment.
  • Tax assessor records for information about zoning, property valuations, structures, business operations and other property characteristics.
  • Fire department records on petroleum and chemical storage, spill plans and emergency response records.

This service has its origin in our founder’s background performing Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments and typically includes traveling to the local government offices to review and collect records for electronic delivery to you.

For an added charge, we can also obtain hazardous waste inspection records from the local governing body to provide documentation on inspections and violations, if any, at facilities that generate, treat or transport hazardous waste.

Recent changes to the ASTM Phase I ESA standard now make it clear that agency file reviews are an expected record review step for certain properties. We can save you time by requesting files, retrieving the documents you need and providing the information to you in digital format.

All our File Review services are available in the Minneapolis-St. Paul seven county metropolitan area. Our clients with sites in the Twin Cities area love this service! Travel costs to other locations may apply.

Would you like to be part of our Remote Researchers network? Let us know if you are an environmental professional who would like to be contacted about conducting agency file review services for your state! Please contact Jeri Massengill by calling 952-253-2004 ext. 122 or by emailing