Reducing Risk with Accurate Historical Research

Do you need high quality information quickly? Or well-researched, accurate reports that are easy to read?

Our projects range from delivering current environmental data and historical information for a single property to layered, georeferenced views of multi-state corridors to customized data for Area-Wide Brownfield Assessments.

HIG provides in-depth, clear information for industries and clients including:

• Environmental firms, engineers and planners
• Commercial real estate professionals and service providers
• Libraries & government entities
• Historic preservation professionals and genealogists
• Individuals researching family or property history

As former environmental consultants, we have in-depth knowledge of historical resources and government records used in property research. We’re very familiar with Environment Assessment requirements and the resources needed for neighborhood redevelopment, urban and regional planning, and a variety of research projects. We’re easy to work with in person and also provide online ordering options.