Land Title Research For Environmental Due Diligence and Beyond

Whether you’re getting a loan for a property purchase or plan to self-finance, complying with ASTM E1527 means that a search for environmental liens as well as activity and land use limitations (AULs) is required. For example, you might discover that a release of hazardous chemicals at your site could prevent your planned redevelopment unless you first remove contaminated soil. Owners and purchasers of commercial real estate need to know what land use limitations they need to comply with so they can address environmental issues during the due diligence process and purchase agreement negotiations.

Some companies that supply environmental lien search reports rely only on information that is available online. In our experience, an accurate search typically requires that an experienced title researcher visit the land title recorder’s office to search for and provide copies of the most current and accurate information.

We offer a variety of land title record searches to suit your needs:

  • Environmental Lien/AUL Searches – The current property deed is searched for recorded environmental liens and activity use limitations (AUL). A report is provided that includes a copy of the current vesting deed, if it is available, and any recorded documents related to the identified lien or restriction on property use based on environmental conditions at the property. Please note – this service does not include a search of judicial or government agency records.
  • Chain of Title Report with Environmental Lien/AUL Search – This report includes the chain of ownership of a parcel of land back to a date of your choice and includes the property’s legal description, a search for environmental liens/AULs and a copy of the current deed, if available. We can customize your report by including a search for other recorded title documents as well. Contact us for more information about land title research options and for pricing information.

Often our clients need a Database Report along with the Land Title Report. For more information, visit our database reports page.