EPA amends AAI to reference current ASTM Phase I Standard for Forestland and Rural Properties

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Friday, September 15, 2017

Two items were published in the September 15 Federal Register regarding the ASTM E2247 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standard for Forestland and Rural Properties. The original direct final rule recognizing the recently revised E2247-16 as acceptable for meeting AAI criteria was withdrawn due to a public comment that expressed concern regarding the September 18, 2017 effective date.  Simultaneously the EPA issued a new direct final rule, changing the effective date to March 14, 2018.  “The extended effective date will give parties using the ASTM E2247-08 standard sufficient time to transition to the new standard ASTM E2247-16,” reads section three of the new rule.  See more from the Federal RegisterJeri Massengill of HIG, co-chair of the E2247 Task Group, welcomes feedback regarding E2247-16. She can be reached at jerim@historicalinfo.com.

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